21 December 2012 – Best End of the World jokes and video


21 December 2012 – Best End of the World video

21 December 2012

Here at 3D Car shows we mostly write about cars and provide news about the Automotive Industries, Car Shows and Vehicles from all around the world. We mostly talk about the Automotive industry and only once in a while when there is a Google Doodle talk about light hearted stuff. (Stuff that is not related to the automotive industry).

Today however maybe the last day that we write anything on the 3D Car Shows site, that is if the world comes to an end tomorrow on the 21 December 2012 as predicted by the Mayan Calendar which comes to an end on the 21 December 2012.

End of the World Humor

When you visit Facebook, Google+ or Twitter the hottest topics of discussion today are the “End of the World” and the 21 December 2012. Not everyone believe that the “End of the World” is upon us and you will find these trends flooded with jokes, humor and memes for the End of the World.


21 December 2012 Jokes and Humor


One of the best “End of the World” and “21 December 2012” jokes for me is the “Chevrolet” advertisement that Chevrolet launched during the Super Bowl earlier this year. In the video the “end of the world” takes place and the apocalypse destroy most of the earth as we know it.

According to Chevrolet the solution to surviving the Apocalypse and the 21 December 2012 is to drive a Chevrolet when the apocalypse happens, according to the advertisement the Chevrolet is build tough enough to survive the 21 December 2012 apocalypse. One of the best moments in the advertisement is when one of the Chevrolet survivors asks “Where is Dave?” and one of the survivors answers, “Dave did not make it, he was driving a Ford”.

I believe the world is not going to end on the 21st of December 2012 this year, but I love the Jokes and Humor the world have come up with for the Apocalypse and the end of the world tomorrow! It would be interesting to see if the world is going to end tomorrow or not, if it is not going to end, I suspect there are going to be even more jokes about the end of the world!

end of the world

Remember to survive the Apocalypse make sure you sleep in your Chevrolet today and tomorrow!