Happy Holidays 2012


Today 24 December 2012 Google have rolled out there first Happy Holidays 2012 Google Doodle. It would be interesting to see the Google Interpretation of the hidden meanings of the Happy Holidays 2012 Google doodle that should become available later today. Usually around mid-day USA time, Google do a post about the Google doodle and explain the hidden meanings within the doodle.

Happy Holidays 2012

“The Happy Holidays 2012 Google Doodle”

Just a few days ago on the December 21, 2012 many people across the globe thought that we will not celebrate Christmas this year, and that the world would end before the December 24, 2012 but we have made it, and we can now claim to be the survivors of several Apocalyptic predictions.

Why do people say Happy Holidays 2012

Because of multicultural differences and religious differences many people and especially companies have selected to wish there customers Happy Holidays instead of the traditional Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas. In many countries around the globe the Christmas period falls in a holiday period and many companies choose to close on Christmas day, therefore people and companies started to say Happy Holidays.

Happy Holidays 2012

The message of Google today to all its millions of search engine visitors are simple yet effective wishing everyone a happy holidays 2012 season!

We here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish all our visitors and regular customers a Happy Holidays 2012 season as well, and all our Christian readers a Happy Christmas filled with beauty, cheer and joy!